Canway Tours Co. LTD. In Taiwan
Officially established in 2000, Canway Tours Co. LTD., prides herself with a small team of professionals who have more than 30 years of experience in designing, organizing and conducting thematic tours and business travel all around the world for their clients.
Thanks to the fidelity of these clients who are mostly socioeconomic elites in Taiwan, Canway Tours is able to assume the role not only as a travel agency, but particularly as a peoples’ cultures presenter and world bio-diversity guide, thus fulfill the company’s goal to serve the clients and make the business sustainable.
From hiking in the Alps, soaring over the Pyrenees, glamping in Serengeti NP; birding in Sri Lanka, Israel, Mexico; wine tasting in Barolo, Rhein-Mosel, Yara valley (Australia), or architecture tours in France, Spain, Germany and China, plus different music festivals around the globe, not to mention yachting and private wedding party, YES WE CAN, is the answer to all sort of inquiries that Canway Tour provide with and dedicate to their clients.